Mathews v. Happy Valley Conference Center, Inc. and Community of Christ

On June 6, 2014, Devin Coyle Law and co-counsel Lisa Peck of Peck Peterson, LLP, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jeremiah Mathews against the Community of Christ and Happy Valley Conference Center, Inc. in the California Superior Court for the County of Santa Cruz.

The suit alleged the following:

In April 2012, Mr. Mathews, a maintenance supervisor, reported to Happy Valley and Community of Christ representatives that his Executive Director, a female ordained minister in the Church, was sexually harassing younger male employees. Three weeks later, after subjecting him to an increasing barrage of threats, intimidation, and heightened scrutiny, defendants terminated Mathews's employment.

On February 10, 2016, following a three-week trial in Santa Cruz, California, the jury found in Mathews's favor on every single one of his claims, and voted unanimously to award punitive damages against both defendants.

Result: $2,007,184.50 Total Judgment; $895,550.00 Jury Verdict ($120,550 economic; $275,000 non-economic; $500,000 punitive) plus labor code penalties, pre-judgment interest and awards of costs and attorney's fees (1.5x)

Judgment on Jury Verdict (PDF)

Order on Fees and Costs (PDF)


Updated October 6, 2016